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January 31st, 2009

2009 Calendar of Events

JAN -3 Installation of Units and Clubs 9:30am Tangier
JAN -3 Installation Nebraska #1 2pm WOT
JAN -4 Installation Omaha Lodge #288 2:00pm Shi-Omaha
JAN -4 Installation Springfield Lodge 2pm Springfield
JAN -4 Installation Bethel #18 2pm WOT
JAN -4 Installation Bellevue Lodge #325 3:00pm Bellevue
JAN -9 Installation of Divan 7:30pm Tangier
JAN 10 Installation Papillion OES 2pm Papillion
JAN 10 Installation Home Chapter #189 OES 2pm Plattsmouth
JAN 10 Installation Mizpah Lodge 2pm Mizpah
JAN 10 Installation Shiloh Lodge #327 2pm Shi-Oma
JAN 10 Installation Benson Diana Rainbow 6pm Benson
JAN 11 Installation Capitol #3 2pm Shi-Oma
JAN 13 Card Party by D of Nile 10am-3pm Tangier
JAN 15 Installation Narcissus OES #269 7:30pm Benson
JAN 17 Installation Vesta Chapter #6 OES 2pm Shi-Omaha
JAN 17 Installation Covert Lodge #11 2pm WOT
JAN 17 Chili Feed by the Clowns at Tangier 5pm
JAN 18 Installation Alpha Chapter #325 OES Bellevue 2pm
JAN 19 Installation of officers of Scottish Rite SRMC
JAN 20 Installation Lininger Lodge #268 6:00pm SRMC
JAN 20 Installation John J. Mercer #290 7pm Benson
JAN 21 Unity meeting 4:00pm Tangier
JAN 23 Installation Fontenelle #249 OES 7:30pm WOT
JAN 23-31 Tangier Potentate’s trip
JAN 24 Installation Centennial Lodge #326 3pm WOT
JAN 24 Installation Bethel #1 CB 7:30pm Council Bluffs
JAN 25 Installation Trinity #299 OES 2pm WOT
JAN 26 Installation AkSarBen #277 OES 7pm Shi-Oma
JAN 25 Installation #441 OES 4:30pm Council Bluffs( CORRECTION IN TIME)
JAN 31 Salad Luncheon & Style Show by Nile at Tangier 11:30am.
JAN 31 Installation Adah Chapter #52 OES 2pm Papillion
JAN 31 One Day Degree (hosted by Papillion) 7:30am
JAN 31 D of Nile Style Show and salad Luncheon 11:30am
JAN 31 DeMolay Sweetheart Dance Lincoln (Sesotris Shrine)

FEB -5 D of Nile Brunch 11:00am
FEB -5~7 Grand Lodge Holiday Inn—Kearney
FEB -7 DeMolay Sweetheart Dance Fremont
FEB -8 Bethel #1 Celebrates 75th year 2:00pm Council Bluffs
FEB 15 Spaghetti Dinner by Fontenelle OES 11am-2pm WOT
FEB 19 Grease at the Orpheum 8PM see SRMC for tickets
FEB 21 Grand Lodge Installation Lincoln Scottish Rite 2:00PM
FEB 23 Fremont Home’s annual Chili Supper 5-7:30pm Fremont

MARCH 7 York Rite Chapter Degrees Papillion
MARCH 11 EA School of Instruction at Covert WOT
MARCH 14 M& W meeting 10:30 am at SRMC hosted by Lininger Lodge
MARCH 14 Rain at the Orpheum 8pm see SRMC for tickets
MARCH 15 Pancake Breakfast by AkSarBen OES 8am-1pm Shi-Oma
MARCH 19 OES Visitation at Narcissus OES 7:30pm Benson
MARCH 21 Soup Supper RAM #1 time/place TBD
MARCH 21 Bill Crosby 8pm at the Orpheum see SCRMC for tickets
MARCH 21-22 Job’s Spring Workshop at Camp Calvin Crest Fremont
MARCH 23 FC School of Instruction at Nebraska #1 WOT
MARCH 24 Masonic Education Symposium Omaha place-TBA
MARCH 26 1st MM School of Instruction at Beehive SRMC
MARCH 27 19 OES Visitation at Council Bluffs #441 7:30pm CB
MARCH 28 York Rite Council and Commandery Degrees John J. Mercer Lodge
MARCH 28-29 Job’s Spring Workshop at Camp Comeca - Cozad
MARCH 29 Avenue Q at the Orpheum 2:00pm matinee see SRMC for tickets
MARCH 30 OES Visitation at AkSarBen OES 7:30pm Shi-Oma
MARCH 31 2nd MM School of Instruction at G.W. Lininger SRMC

APRIL 1-4 Grand York Rite --Columbus (Corrected date) 5-4-08
APRIL 11 One-Day Degree
APRIL 17-18 Scottish Rite Reunion SRMC
APRIL 18-19 DeMolay Round-up Kearney
APRIL 24 OES Visitation at Fontenelle 7:30pm WOT
APRIL 27-28 Rushworth Kidder (a speaker on ethics) at SRMC TBD

MAY 1 OES Visitation at Alpha 7:30pm Bellevue
MAY 12-14 Grand Chapter OES Lincoln
MAY 26 Wicked at the Orpheum 7:30pm see SRMC for tickets.

JUNE 1 Card Party by AkSarBen OES 10am-2pm Mizpah
JUNE 6 M&W meeting 9:00 am at Benson hosted by Florence Lodge
JUNE 12-14 Rainbow Grand Assembly Crete
JUNE 16-20 Grand Session Job’s Daughters in Grand Island
JUNE 20 OES Visitation at Vesta 2pm Shi-Oma

JULY 10-12 DeMolay Conclave North Platte
JULY 18 One-Day-Degree
JULY 26 Centennial & Fontenelle Corn Feed 11am-2pm WOT

AUG 5-9 Supreme Session Job’s Richmond, VA
AUG 10 Fremont Homes Achievement Day
AUG 29 German Dinner by AkSarBen OES 4-7pm Shi-Oma

SEPT 12 M& W meeting 10:30 am at SRMC hosted by Capital Lodge
SEPT 26 York Rite Chapter Degrees Plattsmouth

OCT 17 One-Day-Degree
OCT 22 OES Visitation at Trinity 7:30pm WOT
OCT 24-25 Haunted House by AkSarBen OES Shi-Oma
OCT 24 York Rite Council and Commandery Degrees John J. Mercer Lodge
OCT 27 Masonic Education Symposium Omaha place-TBA

NOV 13 KCCH Vesture SRMC
NOV 19 OES Visitation at Papillion 7:30pm Papillion
NOV 20-12 Scottish Rite Reunion SRMC
NOV 22 Smorgasbord by Fontenelle OES 11am-2pm WOT

DEC 5 M & W meeting 9:00AM am at Shi-Omaha hosted by Shiloh Lodge
DEC 13 33 Degree Vesture SRMe

2010 Calendar of Events

FEB 4-6 Grand Lodge Holiday Inn Midtown Grand Island

MARCH 6 York Rite Chapter Degrees John J Mercer Lodge
MARCH 13 M & W meeting 10:30 am at SRMC hosted by Beehive Lodge
MARCH 27 York Rite Council and Commandery Degrees John J. Mercer Lodge

APRIL 7-10 Grand York Rite Columbus

JUNE 5 M & W meeting 9:00am at Bellevue
JUNE 11-13 Rainbow Grand Assembly Crete

JULY 28-AUG 4 Rainbow’s Supreme Assembly Omaha at Hilton, Qwest Center and Civic Auditorium

AUG 4-7 Supreme Session Job’s Daughters Colorado Springs, CO

SEPTEMBER 11 M & W meeting 9:00 am at WOT hosted by Covert Lodge
SEPT 25 York Rite Chapter Degrees Papillion

OCT 23 York Rite Council and Commandery Degrees John J. Mercer Lodge

DECEMBER 4 M& W meeting 9:00 am at Papillion

2011 Calendar of Events

FEB 3-5 Grand Lodge Holiday Inn Midtown Grand Island

JULY 27-30 Supreme Session Job’s Daughters St Louis, MO

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